What’s the link between Play England and the British Hypertension Society?


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What's the link between Play England and the British Hypertension Society?

Posted 17 December 2008 19:10 by martin

And the National Federation of Women’s Institutes and the Institute of Highway Incorporated Engineers?

And the BMA Public Health Medicine Committee and the Town & Country Planning Association?

And walkit.com and Cancer Research UK?

Well, this eclectic mix of organisations, plus many many more, have all signed up to the Association of Directors of Public Health's “Take Action on Active Travel” campaign.

It's got some pretty radical objectives:
  • 10% of transport budgets to be invested in cycling and walking
  • A 20mph speed limit to be made the norm in residential areas
  • A coherent high quality network of cycle routes that link everyday destinations
  • Improved driver training and better enforced traffic laws
  • Ambitious official targets to be set for increases in walking and cycling
70 bodies signed up initially, followed by another 23.

What's interesting is that it encompasses such a broad range of interests, demonstrating how walking can tackle so many societal issues head on, and at pretty low cost.

They're looking for more organisations to sign up – here's the full 'manifesto'.

What do you make of this initiative?  Good that we signed up?  Or do you think we should stay clear of this sort of thing?

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  1. Charlie says:

    December 20th, 2008 at 8:19 pm (#)

    I don't see the harm in walkit.com being involved, but I would like to see cycling on a pavement totally banned, and carrying a hefty fine on the first offence, and short prison sentence on the second. And I say that as someone who in general loathes the obsession our current govt has with creating new laws…

    But the fact is, pedestrians are usually at more risk from idiot cyclists zooming round blind corners than from cars, which at least usually stay on the designated roads!

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