Pace across Bristol and London


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Pace across Bristol and London

Posted 9 December 2008 18:44 by martin

These are slightly hypnotic, if a little tough on the old eyes.

A photo taken every 5 metres as the walker (author? cinematographer? photographer?) crosses London and Bristol.  Manchester and Newcastle coming in 2009 apparently.

Amazing how green our cities are.

As the author says:

“If the British media was to be believed walking across London would be a sure way to get stabbed. On some roads it was like a scene from an apocalyptic film in which everyone had died leaving behind only empty houses and cars – I walked large tracts of London without seeing a soul. Far from feeling afraid I was taken aback by Londoner’s offering free foraged fruit, interest and help. The only thing I had to fight was fabricated suspicions and my own prejudices.”

Video streaming a little patchy.

London (8 minutes, 43 seconds) – see route


Bristol (2 minutes, 55 seconds) – see route

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