2008 November


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Sir Muir Gray walks the talk (or vice versa)

We've had a few chats with Sir Muir – he's a big cheese in the NHS and the walking world. Here he tells you why walking is the single most important, effective and safest thing you can do for your […]

Are we wiping out history?

Are we wiping out history?

24 November 2008 by martin 2 comments

Are we wiping out history? Well, The British Cartography society has accused internet maps of “demolishing thousands of years of history -not to mention Britain's remarkable geography – at a stroke by not including them on maps which millions of […]

Way to go, Boris

Way to go, Boris

20 November 2008 by martin 1 comments

Trains “packed to the gunwales with perspiring passengers”, traffic lights lingering for an “unconscionable time in red”, new tubes “designed like gigantic worms”, buses like a “queue of expiring whales” (when they are not “chuntering and roaring around”) and a […]

What do you love about walkit.com?

What do you love about walkit.com?

13 November 2008 by martin 13 comments

Hi, I'm Tom and I'm working with the walkit.com team to create the next great version of the site. My favourite thing is knowing exactly how long walking to work will take … … so I can try to arrive at work […]

Pollution-aware routes in West London

We've now added in a lot more pedestrian data in West London to coincide with the launch of 'pollution-aware' routing there. For example, Richmond Station to St Margarets Station: Direct Pollution aware You can find an explanation here. Please give […]

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